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Prepare for a gravity-defying adventure with Fall Red Stickman, a game that takes the thrill of falling to a whole new level! Immerse yourself in a world where stickman physics meets exhilarating damage mechanics. Your mission? Run, jump, and plummet in the most sophisticated and damaging ways possible. With a focus on character physics, intense action, and the addictive allure of unlocking new levels, Fall Red Stickman is a must-play for fans of the Stickman and Ragdoll genre.

How to play

  1. Fast-paced Running: Your stickman is on a speedy journey downwards. Control the stickman's running speed and build momentum as you prepare for the ultimate jump.

  2. Jump with Style: Timing is key! Make the most sophisticated and skillful jumps to achieve maximum damage. The higher the damage, the higher your score.


  1. Physics-Based Gameplay: Fall Red Stickman takes pride in its realistic physics engine, creating an immersive experience where every action has a tangible impact on your stickman's trajectory and damage.

  2. Score Through Damage: The more damage you inflict during your descent, the higher your score. Showcase your mastery by orchestrating controlled collisions that yield the most impressive damage.

  3. Unlock New Levels: Your skill at dealing damage directly influences your progression. Accumulate points to unlock new and increasingly challenging levels, each offering fresh opportunities for creative destruction.


  1. Experiment with Timing: Fine-tune your jumps by experimenting with different timings. Timing your jumps to collide with obstacles at the peak of your momentum can result in greater damage.

  2. Plan for Bouncing: Utilize the stickman's bounces to your advantage. Carefully calculating the angles and surfaces can lead to intricate sequences of damage.

  3. Study the Environment: Each level presents unique obstacles and structures. Study the environment to identify potential collision points and plan your falls accordingly.


Using Mouse

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