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Prepare for an epic showdown in Mr. Noobs vs. Stickman, an action-packed battle that pits an army of Noobs against the relentless Stickman forces. This thrilling game offers an engaging war scenario where you must lead the Noobs to victory. The question looms: Who will emerge victorious in this epic battle between Noobs and Stickmen? Get ready for intense battles, flag captures, coin collecting, and soldier upgrades in Mr. Noobs vs. Stickman!


Mr. Noobs vs. Stickman delivers exhilarating gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat:

  • Noob Army Command: You take on the role of the commander of an army of Noobs, each with unique abilities. Your objective is to lead them to victory in battles against the formidable Stickman forces.
  • Flag Capture: The key to success in this war is capturing the enemy's flag while defending your own. This strategic element adds depth to the gameplay as you plan your moves to secure victory.
  • Coin Collection: As you progress through battles and capture flags, you'll earn coins. These coins are vital for unlocking new, stronger soldiers and enhancing their skills, allowing you to build a more formidable Noob army.
  • Objective Completion: To win each battle, you must efficiently control your Noob army, navigate them across the battlefield, and engage in combat against enemy Stickmen who won't hesitate to fight back.


PC controls:Use the mouse to select the soldiers or the keys from 1 to 5Press spacebar to advance or touch the play button.Mobile and Tablet controls:Touch the game buttons to select your soldiers and move your army. 800 X 600 Mon Sep 12 2022

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