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Vex 3 is the third platform game in the Vex series. A maze of hazardous objects and traps must be negotiated on each level of this game, which is full of turns and turns. Avoid spinning blades, spikes, and pitfalls to advance to the following act.
Amazing Adam launched the online platform game Vex 3 in 2014. Stick-figure characters that the player controls must navigate a variety of levels packed with hazards, traps, and obstacles. The goal of the game is to finish each level by making it to the very conclusion without dying.
In Vex 3, the player will come across various dangerous items and hazards, such as spinning blades, spikes, saws, lasers, and pits. To effectively complete each stage, the player must combine running, sliding, jumping, and wall-jumping. The game also has a variety of power-ups that the player can acquire to aid them in advancing through the levels.
There are ten acts in all of Vex 3, and each act has several stages. Additionally, there are different levels of challenge in the game, with Easy being the most forgiving and Insane being the most difficult. For completing specific tasks or succeeding in a certain level, players can also receive achievements.

How to play Vex 3

You must complete each act of Vex 3 in order to proceed through it. That requires dodging the lethal traps and equipment placed throughout each level. You'll be sent back to the closest checkpoint if you are killed by one of these lethal devices. The next step is to determine how to get over the difficulty-causing impediment.

Vex 3 acts

There are ten standard acts to complete. It becomes more difficult, as you could expect. As the labyrinth grows more difficult, so do the traps. There are also nine challenge acts available if you're a dedicated player. You will receive a well-deserving "Hardcore" trophy for these.


If completing the level alive isn't enough for you to feel satisfied, there are other accolades available. Cool trophies can be obtained for performing an act flawlessly without dying, or for dying an excessive amount. The Hardcore achievements come next. These accomplishments include the additional 9 challenge actions as well as secret stars scattered throughout each level.


 - Playing that is challenging but addictive

 - A variety of challenges to solve

 - Extra accomplishments and levels for your progress

 - There are 10 baseline levels and 9 additional challenge actions.

Game tips 

1. Learn how to use the controls: Vex 3's controls are straightforward, but they still call for timing and accuracy. Spend some time getting accustomed to the controls and try out various motions, such as sprinting, jumping, and sliding.

2. Observe your surroundings because there are numerous traps, obstacles, and foes in Vex 3's levels. Pay close attention to your surroundings and keep an eye out for any signs of peril.

3. Consider your options attentively when making moves in Vex 3. Planning your jumps and moves around the obstacles in front of you will help you avoid hitting them.

4. Try out various paths because some levels in Vex 3 have numerous paths that all lead to the same place. Try out various routes until you discover one that complements your playing style and keeps you safe.

5. Take advantage of checkpoints: In Vex 3, checkpoints are places in the level where you can respawn. Take chances knowing that you can respawn if you fail by using checkpoints to your benefit.

6. Be patient: The obstacles in Vex 3 can be difficult to surmount, so you'll need to be persistent and patient. If you repeatedly fail, don't give up; just keep trying until you achieve.

7. Avoid hurrying because it can be harmful in Vex 3. To avoid traps, take your time and thoroughly consider your moves.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move

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