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Vex 5 - The fifth platform game in the Vex series. Every level is a maze filled with hazardous obstacles and traps. To get there, you must outsmart these challenges. In this fifth installment, anticipate some of the most difficult obstacles yet.

How to play Vex 5

Standard Levels

There are ten standard acts to complete. It becomes more difficult, as you could expect. As the labyrinth grows more difficult, so do the traps.

Challenge Room

In Vex 5, there are 10 stages in the default game mode. There is, however, a whole new game mode. A timed marathon through 30 levels of lethal puzzles is the challenge chamber. There is a clock and a death count. If you restart, the order will be different, putting your innate abilities to the test.


You get a virtual trophy case with four achievement categories from Vex 5. Cool trophies can be obtained for performing an act flawlessly without dying, or for dying an excessive amount. There are also Hardcore accomplishments. Every level contains hidden stars that are part of these accomplishments.


 - Playing that is challenging but addictive
 - A number of challenging stages to understand
 - Trophy to recognize your accomplishments
 - Your talents are put to the test in the new challenge mode.


Vex 5 requires the ability to accept failure in order to accomplish a level. Because spinning blades and spikes will repeatedly decapitate you. You discover how to beat the level after going through this terrifying experience. You are then taken to the following level to repeat the process. Everything operates according to a pattern in Vex. It's best to observe and wait. Take your time before attempting to overcome difficult challenges.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move

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