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In the fantastic stick platformer Vex 4, you must climb, jump, swim, and fly your way through nine difficult acts. It is the follow-up to the hugely popular Vex 3, and it will be entertaining and difficult for gamers of all ages.

Popular platformer game Vex 4 expands on the success of the series' earlier installments. Vex 4 by Amazing Adam tests the abilities of even the most seasoned platformer players with new stages, challenges, and obstacles. Stick figure characters and vivid, colorful environments are present in the game, which enhances its allure.

In the realm of Vex, you are once more tested. There are numerous obstacles to overcome, and the success of each level depends on your reactions. Will you be able to win this episode and become the Vex 4 champion? Have a wonderful time!

How to play 

In Vex 4, players control a stick figure character as they navigate several levels chock-full of hazards, foes, and traps. To access new stages and challenges, collect stars as you progress through the levels. Try to complete each stage by dodging enemies and obstacles.
Each level requires the player to leap, slide, and dodge their way through it, testing their agility, speed, and accuracy. The game's many obstacles, such as puzzles, boss fights, and time trials, make the gameplay interesting and varied.


 - Cool physics and reflexes 

 - 9 acts to play, with the ability to play in hard mode 

 - Challenge room that consists of 30 floors to beat

 - Different trophies

Game tips 

1. Learn how to use the controls: Vex 4's controls are straightforward but call for timing and accuracy. Spend some time getting accustomed to the controls and try out various motions, such as sprinting, jumping, and sliding.

2. Observe your surroundings because Vex 4's levels are loaded with traps, obstacles, and foes. Pay close attention to your surroundings and keep an eye out for any signs of peril.

3. Consider your options attentively when making moves in Vex 4. Planning your jumps and moves around the obstacles in front of you will help you avoid hitting them.

 4. Take advantage of power-ups: Vex 4 includes power-ups that can assist you in completing the stages. You can leap higher, for instance, using the double jump power-up, while the shield power-up defends you from enemy attacks.

5. Be patient: Vex 4 can be a difficult game, and overcoming the challenges calls for persistence and fortitude. If you repeatedly fail, don't give up; just keep trying until you achieve.

6. Try out various routes because some levels in Vex 4 have multiple routes that all lead to the same place. Try out various routes until you discover one that complements your playing style and keeps you safe.

 7. User-generated levels can be shared and played with Vex 4, which has a level builder that lets users make and share their levels. For fresh difficulties and experiences, try playing levels that other players have made.

Vex 4 is an all-around difficult and thrilling platformer game that provides players with a variety of features and challenges to appreciate. Utilize these gaming hints to enhance your performance and get past the game's challenges.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move

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