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CS GO Surf – Bhop and Surf CS GO! takes the excitement of CS:GO and blends it with the thrill of 3D platforming. In this game, your objective is clear: reach the portal without falling off. But to do that, you'll need to improve your skills in CS:GO bhop (bunny hopping) and surf modes. Prepare to jump, perform breathtaking stunts, and become a professional in the art of bunny hopping and surfing. 


CS GO Surf offers a dynamic and challenging gaming experience:

  1. Platforming Excitement: Your goal is to navigate through a series of platforming levels inspired by the CS:GO universe, reaching the portal without falling off.

  2. Skill Improvement: The game provides an opportunity to improve your bunny hopping and surfing skills, making you more proficient in these CS:GO modes.

  3. Amazing Stunts: Get ready to perform incredible stunts as you traverse the neon-infused maps in Bhop and Surf modes.


The game incorporates various functions that enhance the CS:GO-themed platforming adventure:

  • Knife Skins: Equip various CS:GO knife skins, including karambit, butterfly knife, m9, and more, just like in CS:GO itself.

  • Case Simulator: Experience a case simulator similar to CS:GO and Standoff, offering the excitement of opening cases to get the best knives and gloves.

  • Multiple Parkour Levels: Challenge yourself with multiple parkour levels, each with its unique design and obstacles.

  • Player Ratings: Compete with others and earn high ratings as you strive to become the fastest bhop pro and surfer master.

  • Realistic Physics: Experience realistic bhop and surf physics that add authenticity to your platforming adventures.

  • User-Friendly Controls: Enjoy precise jumps and seamless control to help you become a CS GO bhop master.


Using Mouse

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