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eParkour is an exhilarating platform and skill game that challenges players to guide the protagonist through a series of levels, jumping from one platform to another while avoiding cliffs and obstacles. With 45 exciting levels of varying difficulty, the game offers an immersive experience requiring observation, precise calculations, and well-timed movements. Whether you choose the free game mode to explore new routes or the Speedroom mode to test your speed and problem-solving skills, eParkour promises an exciting adventure. 

How to play 

The main objective is to lead the protagonist to each level's exit door. You must move between platforms while avoiding falls and other potential roadblocks in order to accomplish this.

Using the controls, you can jump from one platform to another. To prevent falling off cliffs or bumping into objects, calculate the distance, scan the area around you, and time your jumps precisely. Each action must be calculated and accurate.

Game Modes: To improve the gameplay experience, eParkour provides two game modes. You are free to take new paths and try out various strategies in the free game mode. Your speed and problem-solving abilities will be put to the test as you attempt to finish each level as quickly as possible in the Speedroom mode.


 - Wide Range of Challenges: With 45 levels of varied complexity, eParkour provides players with a wide range of obstacles to tackle. Every level has a different set of platform arrangements and challenges, which keeps the gameplay interesting and fun.

 - Freedom and Exploration: The free game mode promotes exploration and learning. It encourages innovation and individualization in gameplay by letting players test out various paths and tactics.

 - The emphasis on speed and time in the Speedroom option adds an additional element of difficulty. Players can challenge one another or themselves, competing to complete each level as rapidly as they can.


 1. Observe and Prepare: Spend some time observing each stage, then prepare your route. Search for potential traps, barriers, and detours. Making accurate movements and avoiding careless blunders will be easier if you have a clear goal in mind.

 2. Precision and timing: In eParkour, timing is essential. Learn the skill of precise jumping and movement to guarantee platform traversal success. To prevent falls and impediments, practice your timing to make smooth transitions from one platform to another.

 3. Experiment and Learn: Don't be scared to try out various tactics and detours. There is room to grow and learn at every level. Analyze your performance, pinpoint your weaknesses, and modify your strategy as necessary.


 4. Keep Your Focus and Your Cool: eParkour can be difficult and calls for calmness and focus. Remain focused, maintain a relaxed attitude, and exercise consistent control over your behavior. Rushing can result in careless blunders, so go slowly and systematically through each level.

  Players' accuracy, agility, and problem-solving abilities are put to the limit in the thrilling platform and skill game known as eParkour. eParkour provides a compelling and immersive experience because of its varied level design, assortment of game types, and focus on timing and movement. Players can successfully complete each level and get to the exit door by observing, strategizing, and carrying out exact jumps and maneuvers. Accept the obstacles, gain knowledge from your mistakes, and take pleasure in the exhilarating eParkour adventure. Good fortune!


 W, A, D, S keys: move

 Left mouse: Select

 Mouse: Girar

 Space: Jump

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