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About: Parkour First-Person

Parkour First-Person is a thrilling game designed for parkour enthusiasts and fans of fast-paced gameplay. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed "Mirror's Edge" game, it offers an immersive first-person parkour experience.

How to play 

It takes agility, accuracy, and quick reflexes to play Parkour First-Person. The gameplay mechanics are summarized as follows:

  • Dynamic Movement: Make use of your parkour abilities to go through a range of levels that are filled with obstacles and difficulties. To get beyond the barriers in your way, run, jump, climb, and engage in breath-taking acrobatic feats.
  • Focus on moving as quickly as possible through each stage. Chaining together fluid parkour maneuvers can let you move through the environment quickly. Time your moves carefully to preserve momentum and fluidity.
  • As you advance, gather the dispersed stars in the levels to unlock new skins. With the help of these stars, you may purchase different character skins and change the way you look in-game.


 - Through a first-person perspective, the game completely immerses you in the parkour universe.

 - Diverse-level designs with individual obstacles and challenges.

 - By using the stars you earn to unlock unique skins, the game lets you customize the look of your character.


 WASD or arrow keys = move (auto acceleration)

 Space = jump / catch (hold)

 Shift = crouch / slide (while running) / soft landing (before landing)

 Left-click = open the door

 Tab = pause

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