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Welcome to Noob Parkour 3D, an exhilarating parkour game that challenges players with a variety of blocks, obstacles, mechanics, and traps. Set in a Minecraft-inspired universe, this game invites you to explore different regions through unique tracks. Prepare for an exciting adventure as you complete tracks in your own unique ways, build your own path, strategically place blocks, and overcome challenges using special items. Get ready to push your parkour skills to the limit in this thrilling and dynamic game!

How to play

  1. Track Selection: Choose from a range of tracks, each with its own theme and set of challenges. Explore different regions and tackle diverse obstacles as you progress through the game.

  2. Parkour Mechanics: Use your parkour skills to navigate through the tracks. Run, jump, climb, and perform precise movements to overcome obstacles, such as platforms, gaps, and moving objects. Timing and precision are key to success.

  3. Building Your Path: In Noob Parkour 3D, you have the ability to strategically place blocks to create your own path. Utilize this feature to customize the track, create shortcuts, or bridge gaps. Experiment with different block placements to optimize your path and improve your track completion time.

  4. Special Items and Power-ups: Throughout the game, you'll come across special items and power-ups that can assist you in overcoming challenges. These items may provide temporary abilities, such as enhanced speed, higher jumps, or invincibility. Use them strategically to your advantage.


 - Diverse Track Themes: Immerse yourself in a Minecraft-inspired universe with tracks set in different regions. Each track features unique themes, designs, and challenges, providing a dynamic and engaging parkour experience.

 - Challenging Obstacles: Test your parkour skills with a variety of obstacles, including platforms, jumps, moving objects, and more. The increasing difficulty as you progress ensures a satisfying and rewarding gameplay experience.

 - Customizable Path Building: The ability to strategically place blocks allows for customization and creativity in creating your own path. Experiment with block placements to find the most efficient and effective routes.

 - Special Items and Power-ups: Discover special items and power-ups that offer temporary advantages. Strategically use these items to overcome challenging obstacles and improve your track completion time.


WASD / arrow keys = move
Space = jump
Left-click = interact with an object
Move mouse = move the camera view

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