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In a gaming landscape often dominated by flashy graphics, "MINIMA Speedrun Platformer" emerges as a refreshing reminder that an enjoyable gaming experience doesn't hinge on visual extravagance. This speedrun platformer places the spotlight firmly on the fundamentals of gameplay, offering 30 compact rooms filled with challenging obstacles. If you're up for a test of concentration and lightning-quick reactions, this game beckons you to join the leaderboard. Can you conquer it in less than 2 minutes?


MINIMA Speedrun Platformer strips away the frills to deliver pure, unadulterated gaming excitement:

  1. Speed and Precision: The game revolves around the twin pillars of speed and precision. Your objective is to navigate through 30 meticulously designed rooms, each presenting a unique challenge.

  2. Obstacle Course: Expect a wide array of obstacles, including spikes, moving platforms, and narrow passages. These challenges demand split-second decision-making and impeccable timing.

  3. Leaderboard Competition: The game encourages friendly competition by featuring a leaderboard where players can showcase their speedrunning skills. Can you complete the game in under 2 minutes and secure a top spot?

  4. Concentration Test: "MINIMA Speedrun Platformer" is not just a test of reflexes; it's a test of concentration. You'll need to stay focused to make those precision jumps and nail those tight maneuvers.


MINIMA Speedrun Platformer keeps it simple while delivering a thrilling gameplay experience:

  • Minimalist Aesthetic: The game's minimalist design allows players to focus entirely on gameplay without any visual distractions.

  • 30 Compact Rooms: With 30 rooms to conquer, the game offers a variety of challenges, each requiring a unique approach.

  • Leaderboard Integration: The inclusion of a speedrun leaderboard adds a competitive element, motivating players to continuously improve their performance.

  • Quick Restart: Instantly restart a level if you meet an untimely demise, keeping the gameplay fast-paced and engaging.


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