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Interstellar Travel takes you on an extraordinary journey through the vastness of space. In this engaging arcade game, you assume control of a space ball, guiding it across a series of platforms as you embark on an epic adventure through the cosmos. As you progress, you'll unlock new planets and regions to explore, gradually uncovering the entire solar system.


  • Space Ball Control: You control a space ball, and your objective is to navigate it across various platforms that are scattered throughout space. Precise control of the ball's movement is crucial to success.

  • Unlock New Planets: As you play, you have the opportunity to unlock new planets and areas for exploration. These planets offer diverse and unique challenges, adding depth to the game.

  • Solar System Exploration: Your ultimate goal is to unlock and explore the entire solar system, making for an expansive and engaging gaming experience.

  • Skill and Reflexes: Succeeding in "Interstellar Travel" requires quick reflexes and skillful control. Navigating your space ball through increasingly complex and treacherous platforms becomes more challenging as you progress.

  • Leaderboard: The game features a leaderboard that allows you to compare your performance with other players, adding a competitive element to the gameplay.

  • Fullscreen Mode: You can play "Interstellar Travel" in fullscreen mode for a more immersive experience.


  • Space Concept: The game's space-themed concept adds an element of wonder and exploration to the gameplay, making each level feel like a cosmic adventure.

  • Leaderboard Competition: Competing for the top spots on the leaderboard can motivate you to improve your skills and aim for higher scores.

  • Unlockable Content: The gradual unlocking of new planets and regions provides a sense of progression and achievement, encouraging you to explore more of the game.


Press AD or the left/right arrow to steer.

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