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Step into the intense world of Arena, a gripping platformer where survival hinges on your ability to eliminate opponents and outlast the competition. Crafted by theChAOTiC, this game offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that challenges your reflexes, strategy, and determination. Engage in fast-paced battles, eliminate foes, and strive to emerge victorious as you push your limits and see just how long you can survive in the arena!

How to Play:

  • Enter the Arena: Start the game by entering the arena, a dynamic environment filled with challenges, platforms, and opponents.
  • Eliminate Opponents: Your objective is to defeat other players or enemies within the arena. Utilize your character's abilities and weapons to take down opponents.
  • Avoid Attacks: Dodge enemy attacks and maneuver through the arena to avoid getting hit. Quick reflexes and agile movement are crucial for staying alive.
  • Collect Power-Ups: Throughout the arena, you may find power-ups that enhance your character's abilities, such as increased speed, enhanced attacks, or temporary invincibility.
  • Survival and Victory: The longer you survive and the more opponents you eliminate, the closer you come to victory. Outlast others and secure your position as the last player standing.


  • Intense Combat: Engage in thrilling battles with opponents, requiring quick decisions and precise actions.
  • Challenging Levels: Navigate through a variety of levels or arenas, each with its own layout, obstacles, and challenges.


Player 1 Controls

  • AD = move
  • W = jump
  • S = shoot

Player 2 Controls

  • Left and right arrow keys = move
  • Up arrow key = jump
  • Down arrow key = shoot

Player 3 Controls

  • JL = move
  • I = jump
  • K = shoot

Player 4 Controls

  • FH = move
  • T = jump
  • G = shoot

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