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Castle Cat invites you into a whimsical and adventurous platform game where you assume the role of a fearless feline on a mission to collect precious dolls while dodging knights and unpredictable whirlwinds. This classic platformer offers a delightful mix of action, strategy, and precise timing as you navigate through various levels filled with challenges.


  • Control as a Cat: You play as an adorable cat, your primary objective is to collect dolls scattered across the game's levels. The cat character moves left and right and can jump.

  • Collecting Dolls: As you explore the levels, keep an eye out for dolls. Collecting these dolls is your main goal and will lead to level completion.

  • Avoid Knights: Knights patrol various parts of the levels and can pose a threat to your progress. You must avoid them by timing your movements and jumps carefully.

  • Whirlwinds: The game features unpredictable whirlwinds that move across the screen. These whirlwinds can hinder your progress and require precise timing to navigate around.

  • Level Progression: "Castle Cat" is composed of multiple levels, each presenting a unique challenge. To advance, you must collect all the dolls on a level while avoiding obstacles.


Press the arrow keys to move.

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