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About: Mine to the Last

Welcome to Mine to the Last, the ultimate mining game where you embark on an exciting journey to uncover all kinds of rocks in search of the last and most precious treasure! Get ready to dig deep, mine valuable rocks, and uncover rare gems as you delve deeper into the earth. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled mining adventure where every discovery brings you closer to the ultimate prize!

How to Play Mine to the Last

  • Begin Mining: Start your mining expedition and dig into the earth to uncover various types of rocks.
  • Collect Valuable Rocks: Mine all kinds of rocks, from common ones to valuable gems. The deeper you go, the more precious the rocks become.
  • Reach the Last Treasure: The ultimate goal is to reach the last and most valuable treasure hidden deep within the mine.
  • Upgrade Your Equipment: Use the resources you collect to upgrade your mining equipment. Better tools will help you mine more efficiently and discover rare rocks faster.
  • Beware of Challenges: As you dig deeper, you may encounter obstacles and challenges. Stay alert and strategize to overcome them.


 Left and right arrows or AD to move

 Up arrow or W to jump

 Left mouse button to mine and interact

 R return (need the upgrade)

 Space bar to active/deactivate all damage (need the upgrade)

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