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Prepare to embark on a unique adventure with a twist in Square Bird! This captivating game introduces players to a charming square bird who must overcome various obstacles and traps to reach their destination successfully. Along the way, collecting coins will unlock new skins to customize your square bird. Be warned, though; some levels can be quite challenging, but with determination and strategic thinking, you'll soar to success. Get ready to enjoy the fun and addictive gameplay of Square Bird!


Square Bird's gameplay is a delightful blend of strategy and adventure:

  • Square Bird Protagonist: Assume the role of a square bird on a mission to navigate a series of obstacle-filled levels. The catch? Your bird can't fly; it can only create platforms by tapping the screen.
  • Platform Creation: To progress through each level, you'll need to tap the screen to create platforms beneath your square bird's feet. This ability is crucial for overcoming gaps, spikes, and other obstacles.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: The game presents a variety of obstacles and traps, such as moving platforms, spikes, and treacherous jumps. Your success depends on your ability to time platform creation to avoid these hazards.
  • Coin Collection: As you navigate each level, collect coins scattered throughout. These coins can be used to unlock new skins for your square bird, adding a touch of customization to your adventure.


Using Mouse

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