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Dive into the vibrant world of "Big NEON Tower Vs. Tiny Square," an exhilarating arcade platformer that pays homage to the classic 90s arcade games. Embark on an exciting journey up a towering neon structure filled with challenging puzzles and obstacles. As a tiny square, you must navigate your way through devilishly designed sections, each brimming with meticulous obstacles. With its Tron-like aesthetic and synth beats, this game adds a futuristic flair to the Big Tower Tiny Square series. Get ready to test your skills, precision, and determination as you ascend the neon tower!

How to Play:

  • Navigate the Tower: Control the tiny square as you ascend the levels of the neon tower. Your objective is to overcome each obstacle and section to progress higher.
  • Precision and Caution: Approach obstacles with precision and caution. Observe their patterns, movement, and mechanics to strategize your way through.
  • Hints from Big Squares: Large squares placed throughout the tower will provide you with hints and tips when encountering new obstacles. Utilize their guidance to overcome challenges.
  • Challenging Progression: As you climb higher, the challenges become more complex and demanding. Prepare for increased difficulty as you progress.
  • Frequent Checkpoints: Despite the game's challenging nature, you'll encounter frequent checkpoints that ensure you won't have to restart from the beginning each time you fall.


  • Menu UI: A/W or Arrow Keys to move, space to select. Click or touch UI on mobile
  • Keyboard: Move with Arrow Keys or A D | Jump: Spacebar or Up Arrow or Z or W | Y to restart at last checkpoint | ESC for Menu
  • Controller: Joystick to move | A to jump | Y to restart at last checkpoint | Start for menu
  • Mobile: Move with touch buttons on the left side of the screen | Jump with touch button on the right | Tap the top of the screen for the main menu

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