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Welcome to Big Tall Small, the captivating puzzle-platformer game that challenges your problem-solving skills as you control three characters of different sizes. Your mission is to guide these characters to reach the exit successfully. With each character possessing unique traits and abilities, you'll need to strategize and switch between them to conquer the puzzles at every level.

How to Play Big Tall Small

  • You'll be in control of three characters: Big, Tall, and Small. Each character has distinct sizes and abilities.
  • Character Switching: Strategically switch between the characters to utilize their unique traits and overcome obstacles. Use Big to move heavy objects, Tall to reach high places, and Small to access narrow passages.
  • Puzzle Solving: Each level presents a unique puzzle that requires teamwork and clever use of the character's abilities. Plan your moves carefully to ensure all characters reach the exit successfully.
  • Level Progression: As you advance through the game, the puzzles will become more intricate and challenging. Sharpen your problem-solving skills to conquer complex levels.


 Move: WAD or arrow keys

 Switch: down arrow key/space bar/enter

 Reset: R

 Back: Esc or B

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