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Prepare to unleash your inner free-runner in the thrilling 3D parkour adventure, Parkour: Go! This high-octane game offers players the chance to navigate challenging obstacle courses, showcasing their acrobatic skills while racing against the clock. 


Parkour: Go offers an adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience that puts your free-running skills to the test. Here's a breakdown of the exhilarating gameplay:

  1. Obstacle Courses: The core of the game revolves around tackling a variety of obstacle courses. These courses are designed to challenge your agility, speed, and acrobatic abilities. Expect everything from wall runs to daring jumps and slides.

  2. Acrobatic Maneuvers: To conquer the courses, you'll need to utilize a range of acrobatic maneuvers. These include jumping, sprinting, sliding, and scaling walls with precision and speed.

  3. Free-Running Zones: Between the challenging courses, Parkour: Go offers free-running zones where you can roam freely and experiment with tricks. These zones allow you to hone your parkour skills and try out daring stunts.

  4. Checkpoint-Based Courses: Some courses are designed with checkpoints, guiding you from the starting point to the finish line. Your performance is evaluated based on the time it takes to complete each course.

  5. Perspective Switch: For added immersion and flexibility, Parkour: Go allows you to switch between third-person and first-person perspectives. Choose the view that suits your playstyle and provides the best vantage point for your maneuvers.


  • Move: WASD
  • Jump: spacebar
  • Pause: ESC
  • Slide: C
  • Switch between 3rd person and 1st person views: V

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