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Parkour Run is an action-packed infinite runner platformer game that will test the limits of your agility and reflexes as you enter the fascinating world of parkour. This game encourages you to break free from restrictions as you run along rooftops, perform gravity-defying jumps, and pull off amazing acrobatics. It was inspired by the concepts of Parkour. Prepare to feel the heart-pounding thrill of Parkour as you push yourself to achieve new heights and record-breaking scores!

How to play 

Playing Parkour Run is a fun and frantic activity. Controlling the parkour runner while navigating a dynamic urban environment is your goal. While dodging falls and obstacles, run along roofs, leap through windows, dangle from ledges, and slide under enormous water tanks. Use various vectors and angles to move forward while performing cool parkour-inspired feats. For those looking to get high scores, the game's repeated gameplay loop and addicting design are ideal.


 - Exciting and Fast-Paced Music Beats

 - Addictive and Repetitive Gameplay

 - Endless Runner Platformer


Using Mouse

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