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Stickman Parkour 3 - a fun action parkour game where you can play a variety of parkour levels and explore a plot that is full of unexpected turns in order to uncover the coveted Lucky Block and find out what's within! Start a series of action-packed adventures where Stickmen try to open Lucky Block, but are thwarted by giants, flying swords, stake holes, numerous traps, and foes. Explore the biomes of humor, mystery, snow, water, and others. Speed contests can be had both alone and in multiplayer. Parkour stunts and spectacular moves abound. Enjoy Stickmen and Noob's jokes and crazy actions.

How to play 

To complete each level of the game and open the Lucky Block, you must traverse it by overcoming obstacles. You will face various obstacles along the path, including giants, flying blades, stake holes, and numerous traps and enemies.

Different biomes are featured in Stickman Parkour 3, including comedy, mystery, snow, water, and more. Each biome has its collection of enemies and obstacles that are specifically chosen to present a different challenge.

You can compete against pals or other players in the game's single-player and multiplayer speed challenges to see who can finish the levels quickly.

Practice your parkour abilities and become an expert in the different parkour stunts and moves available to you if you want to succeed in the game. Observe the various enemies and obstacles in each level and use your parkour abilities to get past them.

Stickman Parkour 3 includes a variety of quips and wild actions from the Stickmen and Noob characters in addition to parkour. So, throughout the game, keep an eye out for these enjoyable and entertaining times.


 - Go through the tale while pulling off incredible feats, dodging obstacles, collecting fruit, dodging dynamite, and more!

 - Several humorous, fascinating, and frightful levels.

 - Multiplayer and cup rankings

Game tips

 1. Develop your parkour abilities: The game requires you to move through the levels and surmount obstacles using your parkour abilities. Improve your parkour skills by spending some time honing your wall leaps, double jumps, and other maneuvers.

 2. Observe your surroundings because there are traps, enemies, and obstacles at every stage. Keep a close eye on your surroundings so you can foresee and steer clear of these obstacles.

 3. The game provides a variety of power-ups, including speed boosts and extra lives. Make wise use of these power-ups to get through the challenging stages.

 4. Test out various approaches: Don't be afraid to try out various tactics to determine which one works best for finishing each stage. There may be several ways or methods you can proceed to get there.

 5. Gather money so you can equip your stickman with new skins. In each stage, gather as many coins as you can.

 6. Play the multiplayer mode: The game has a multiplayer option where you can compete with other players or your friends to see who can finish the levels quickly. This may be an enjoyable method to compete and develop your abilities.

 7. Laugh at the humor: The Stickmen and Noob characters make a range of jokes and crazy moves in Stickman Parkour 3. Enjoy these fun scenes as they occur throughout the game.


 - W = jump

 - A = move left

 - D = move right

 - Left-click = interact with in-game buttons

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