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Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block - an action-packed parkour game where you conquer obstacles by using your parkour abilities. In this Minecraft cube environment, jump over obstacles, scale ledges, and reach the portal! To fly higher, jump on the slugs like a Vex. Assist the stickman in running through various biomes and enjoying himself with other sticks!

How to play 

You must be able to jump and move to the next gate faster than any of your opponents in order to complete each level. At the start of the game, you must pay close attention to the identity of the character you are controlling. The top of the character you are controlling will have an arrow going downward. Go swiftly after determining the character. But if you take your time, you will run across more weaknesses than your adversary. Several hints will be visible along the road. Quickly read their recommendations and continue walking. You should bear in mind that in order to land securely and avoid falling down the cliff, you must continuously leap and keep an eye on the target.

There are numerous levels in the game for you to discover and enjoy. There will be various obstacles and settings at every stage. As a result, you must practice high jump techniques and quick reflexes if you want to be the first to cross the finish line.


 - Incredible 2D graphics

 - Several play levels are available for you to try.

 - Compete against several other stick people

 - Jump higher by using the Vex technique.

Game tips

1. Develop your parkour abilities to successfully navigate barriers.

2. Look out for fortunate blocks because they can contain helpful power-ups.

3. To get to upper platforms, use slugs.

4. Find collectibles and hidden mysteries by exploring each biome.

5. Use your unique parkour techniques, such as double jumping and wall jumping, to get past challenging hurdles.

6. Don't be afraid to try out various tactics to determine which one works best for finishing each stage.

Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block is an all-around entertaining and difficult game that will put your parkour abilities to the test. It provides a novel perspective on the traditional parkour game genre with its distinctive graphics and gameplay that are inspired by Minecraft.



To move, press the arrow keys or WASD.

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