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Welcome to Stickman Parkour, a world where you can sprint across platforms, perform tricks, and engage in friendly competition with your pals. This game provides a distinctive and thrilling experience with intriguing animation and various Stickman avatars.

How to play 

In the platforming and parkour game Stickman Parkour, you must run and jump your way through levels that are full of difficulties and obstacles. The objective is to complete each level as rapidly as possible while pulling off fantastic stunts and moves in the process.

Simply select a level and a stickman character to begin playing! To move and leap, press the arrow keys or swipe the controls; to do tricks, press the spacebar or swipe up. Keep an eye out for the power-ups and bonuses that are scattered throughout each level.


 - There are various stick figure characters to pick from, and they all have special skills and traits.

 - There are many levels with different degrees of difficulty, ranging from simple to complex.

 - There are extra lives and speed boosts among the power-ups and bonuses to be gathered.

 - Social features that let you communicate with and challenge your friends for the highest score.

 - Leaderboards and achievements to keep track of your development and successes.


 1. Perfect practice makes perfect! Spend the time necessary to complete each level and determine the best course of action.

 2. Be smart with your tricks. Tricks can win you bonuses and more points, but you must time them correctly and avoid obstacles.

 3. Watch out for bonuses and power-ups. These can provide you with an advantage and speed up the process of finishing the level.

 4. Join your friends in the game and compete with them for the highest score. This might increase the difficulty and motivation of your games.

 5. Keep yourself secure and take breaks if you begin to feel worn out or overburdened. Video game playing ought to be joyful and fun, not demanding or stressful.


 - Press A/D to move around.

 - Press W to jump.

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