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Enter the mind-bending world of Conjugate, where the laws of physics and perception are put to the ultimate test. This challenging platformer game is a testament to your ability to navigate two distinct worlds simultaneously. In Conjugate, each level is a complex puzzle split into a white and a black world, each filled with obstacles, traps, and pitfalls. Your mission? To successfully navigate both worlds and reach the finish point without succumbing to spikes or plummeting into holes.


  • Two Worlds, One Goal: Each level in "Conjugate" is divided into two distinct worlds—the white and the black world. Your objective is to navigate both worlds successfully and reach the finish point.

  • The White World: In the first part of the level, you'll find yourself in the white world. Here, you must jump, move, and clear obstacles and gaps in the platforms to make your way to the finish point. As you progress, you'll leave a dotted trail behind you.

  • The Black World: Now comes the challenge. In the black world, you'll use the dotted trail you left in the white world to complete the level. Your previous actions will guide you through this dark realm as you attempt to replicate your moves to reach the finish point.

  • Obstacles and Challenges: Each world is filled with spikes, traps, and holes that threaten to derail your progress. Timing and precision are crucial as you navigate these treacherous landscapes.


  • Two Worlds, One Puzzle: The unique concept of dual worlds that are interrelated adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to each level.

  • Black and White Aesthetics: The game's black and white color scheme enhances the contrast between the two worlds, making it visually striking and easy to distinguish between them.

  • Side-Scrolling View: The side-scrolling view allows for a clear perspective of the platforms, obstacles, and your progress in both worlds.

  • Art and Animation: "Conjugate" features captivating animations and art, immersing you in its visually engaging and enigmatic world.


  • Use the up arrow to jump
  • Press the down arrow to crouch

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