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Prepare yourself for an electrifying gaming escapade with Funny Bomber, an enthralling free-to-play online action game that promises hours of amusement. Brace for an immersive experience as you venture into a virtual realm teeming with vibrancy, dynamism, and exhilarating challenges. With "Funny Bomber," you're in for an action-packed journey that will captivate your attention and keep you engaged for an extended period.

Gameplay Overview:

In Funny Bomber, your path will be paved with excitement and obstacles. As you dive into this vibrant virtual world, you'll be thrust into the heart of the action, where every moment is a thrilling adventure. Your mission is clear and exhilarating: detonate all the crystals dispersed throughout each level to unlock the door and gain entry to the temple.


  • Crystal Demolition: Your primary objective is to eliminate all the crystals scattered within the level. Each successful detonation takes you a step closer to unlocking the door and progressing to the next level.
  • Dynamic Environment: Immerse yourself in a dynamic and lively environment that serves as the backdrop for your thrilling escapades. Navigate through this environment while strategically positioning your bombs.
  • Strategic Thinking: Plan your moves wisely, as you'll need to strategically place bombs to ensure the crystals are destroyed without putting yourself in harm's way.
  • Challenges Await: Be prepared to face a variety of challenges and obstacles as you progress through each level. Adapt your approach and strategies to overcome these hurdles.


Use WASD to move and left mouse click to activate the bomb.

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