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Prepare to challenge your wits and embark on a unique gaming adventure with UVSU. This platform puzzle game offers a fascinating twist—you'll play as both the hero and the enemies alternately. Your mission is to guide the hero to the door when you're in control and thwart the hero's progress when you become an enemy. With each stage replaying your previous actions, UVSU requires you to outsmart yourself and conquer every level.


  1. Hero's Role: When you assume the role of the hero, your primary goal is to navigate through the level, avoiding obstacles, and ultimately reaching the door to progress.

  2. Enemy's Role: As an enemy, your objective is to impede the hero's progress by strategically placing obstacles, traps, or enemies that hinder their path.

  3. Replay Mechanic: Each stage replays what you did in the previous iteration. This means your actions as the hero will influence the challenges you face as an enemy and vice versa.


  1. Hero and Enemy Alternation: The game seamlessly transitions between playing as the hero and the enemy, challenging your ability to strategize from both perspectives.

  2. Puzzle Elements: Explore a variety of puzzle elements, including platforming challenges, enemies, traps, and obstacles, that require thoughtful planning to overcome.

  3. Stage Replay: The replay mechanic adds depth to the gameplay, as your actions in one role directly impact the challenges you face in the other.


  • Arrow keys = move
  • X = shoot/enter levels
  • Z = jump
  • R = undo iteration
  • Esc = pause menu (extra options during levels)

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