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Large Tower Returning with another challenging platformer is Tiny Square 2. To save Pineapple, ascend the tower one more time. with the classic tower and fresh challenges!

The Story

The original Big Tower is now home to Big Square. Big Square cunningly kidnapped a fresh Pineapple (how? ), and using traps from earlier buildings, he reconstructed the rubble of the original Big Tower after a clone of Pineapple was destroyed in the Big Flappy Tower.

Climb Tiny Square's new Big Tower. Saving Pineapple! GET JUSTICE!

The Game

Similar to the original game, you are a little square climbing a large tower. The entire level is one enormous tower full of dangerous traps. The hazards multiply as you advance through the game, increasing your need for accuracy and focus. New challenges and an updated aesthetic are included in Big Tower Tiny Square 2!

How to play 

Up the Big Tower, move Tiny Square. Obstacles should be considered, and each new part should be approached cautiously. You can get suggestions from other tiny squares as you go to save Pineapple. You are never far from your last death because checkpoints are placed often throughout the game.


 - A fresh obstacle for Tiny Square

 - Difficult difficulties to overcome

 - Excellent audio and pictures

 - Quick, enjoyable platformer gameplay


 - The game involves precise timing and quick reflexes, so practice makes perfect. Spend some time honing your skills and learning the movement mechanics.

 - Watch out for dangers: Be aware of spikes, lava pits, and other dangers that can instantly kill you.

 - Look for hidden areas: Each level contains a number of them that can lead to further levels or characters that can be unlocked.

 - Gather every coin: To open the door to the following level, make sure to gather every coin in each level.

 - Observe patience: The game is difficult, and it's simple to become frustrated. Take breaks so you may return to the game later with fresh eyes.


Use arrow keys or WASD to move and jump.

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