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You won't wish to miss out on out on this game if you love driving with snow. Go through a town, over the hill, and also through mountain trees. Gather gifts, coins, trophies, and gasoline. Make it to the checkpoints as well as the Finish Line prior to time going out. Make certain you do not get struck or bumped by other cars. In this enjoyable and difficult driving simulation, you have an excellent selection of jeeps you will have the ability to replicate driving. Select one of both major video game modes; job setting or free setting. In the professional setting, you have to finish various tasks within the offered time restriction or face numerous obstacles. In the free mode, you can appreciate the snow-filled roads and beautiful scenery with yearning trees, and drive around freely for as long as you want. Collect coins for each effective level to make sure that you can spend these coins on unlocking brand-new and also better jeeps. Now, get all set to take pleasure in the winter chills and the exhilaration of this driving simulation.  

How to play 

Driving through a snowy town, up hills, through mountain trees, and gathering gifts, coins, trophies, and gas are all part of the game's goal. Before the time runs out, the player must make it to all of the checkpoints and the finish line without being struck or bumped by any other vehicles.
The career mode and the free mode are the two primary game modes available. The player faces challenges in the career mode if they don't accomplish various tasks in a certain amount of time. The player has complete freedom to navigate the snow-covered roads in the free option while taking in the breathtaking scenery.


 - A variety of jeeps to pick from

 - The career mode and the free option—the two primary game modes

 - Work to be done in a professional mode

 - Snow-covered roads and stunning landscapes

 - To access new and improved jeeps, collect coins


 - The player must try to prevent colliding with other vehicles as much as possible to avoid delaying their progress and wasting time.

 - Keep an eye on the clock: To make sure they reach the checkpoints and the finish line before the time runs out, the player must keep an eye on the amount of time left and plan their path appropriately.

 - Gather gifts, coins, and trophies: In order to access new and improved jeeps, the player must gather as many gifts, coins, and trophies as they can.

 - Update the jeeps: Using the coins gathered, the player must update their jeeps in order to make them faster and more capable of navigating obstacles.

  - Practice in accessible mode: There are no time restrictions or other restrictions, so the player can freely practice and get a sense of the game.

 With the help of these suggestions, you can enhance your gaming and have a more satisfying and effective experience. Enjoy your time on the snow-covered roadways!


Direction Keys-(W, A,S,D)

Direction Keys-(Up,Down,Left,Right)

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