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Playing as a round astronaut who has lost its memories after crashing landing on an alien world in the fast-paced, action-packed game Slope Run. The astronaut must travel through various worlds and surmount perilous obstacles in order to recover its memories.

Running through a passageway while dodging hazards like loose floor tiles, wide gaps, and other perilous barriers is part of the game. The challenges increase in difficulty as you advance through the levels, and you must respond quickly to avoid them.

How to play

The astronaut round will roll down an inclined tunnel to begin the game. You can move the round left or right on your keyboard to dodge obstacles by using the left and right arrow keys.

The goal is to make it through the passage without colliding with any walls or edges. You'll run into several challenges, including hazardous barriers and uneven floor surfaces.

Gain momentum and speed by using the tunnel's incline to move through the obstructions. Additionally, you can gather bonuses and power-ups to aid you along the road.

The obstacles in the game will get harder as you advance and will require quick reflexes and reactions to escape.

Continue to play and attempt to surpass your previous best, or take on other participants on the leaderboard.


 - Two game modes ( Infinite Mode and Level Mode)

 - Daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards

 - Many tracks with various deadly obstacles

 - Simple controls and endless gameplay

 - Eye-catching 3D graphics and energetic music

Game tips

 1. Learn how to use the slope mechanic: The game has a unique slope mechanic that lets you use the tunnel's incline to acquire speed and momentum as you move past obstacles. You can move more quickly through the challenges if you learn how to use the slope effectively.

 2. Keep your concentration on the task at hand because Slope Run has many obstacles and moves quickly if you're not paying attention. Try to maintain your attention on the game while planning for challenges.

 3. Gather power-ups: The game offers a variety of benefits and power-ups that can assist you on your journey. To get through the more challenging levels, gather as many as possible.

 4. Avoid panicking: It's simple to panic and make errors when you face a challenging obstacle or set of obstacles. Take each challenge one at a time and try to remain composed and tranquil.

 5. Slope Run is a game that takes practice to learn because "practice makes perfect." Continue to play and attempt to surpass your previous best, or take on other participants on the leaderboard.

These pointers will help you play Slope Run better and have a more effective and enjoyable time. Good fortune!                                       


 - Press the up arrow key to jump. 

 - Press the left and right arrow keys to move left or right.

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