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Stick War: Infinity Duel is a thrilling combat game for single or two opponents. Take control of the stickman and gather weapons to kill your foe. Employ different weapons to destroy your foe while attempting to dodge traps. In this 2D game, become the finest shooter there is. Have fun playing right now 

How to play

Stick War: Infinity Duel is the start of a great war game. Take hold of the falling gun, take aim, and kill the opposing stickman. Throughout the course of the game, weapons will occasionally fall to the ground. Grab someone immediately away, then move quickly to neutralize your foe. Keep your balance and try not to fall because some tracks are moving. Your entire focus should be on gathering weapons and eliminating your opponent. The Stick War game's 2-player mode allows you to play it at school with your pals. Your affection for this game will be fueled by its fresh and vibrant aesthetic. Hihoy Games hopes you have a blast!


 - Play alone or with a buddy in single- or multiplayer mode.

 - Collect a variety of weapons on the battleground, such as swords and guns.

 - Obstacles and traps: When fighting an opponent, stay clear of obstacles and traps on the battleground.

 - Action that moves quickly: This 2D game moves quickly and calls for quick reactions.

 - Upgrades: Earn coins by winning fights and use them to upgrade your character's weapons and powers.

Game tips

1. Quickly gather weapons: To obtain the upper hand over your adversary, try to quickly gather weapons.

2. Avoid obstacles and traps: By avoiding obstacles and traps, you can outlast your opponent and gain an edge.

3. Use a variety of weaponry because they all have advantages and disadvantages. Try out various firearms to determine which ones suit your playstyle the best.

4. Upgrades should be used carefully; consider your play style and the weapons you prefer to use when upgrading your skills and weapons.


Player 1:

  Move - Arrow Keys

  Shoot - L Key

Player 2:

  Move - WASD Keys

  Shoot - F Key

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