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Welcome to the simple logic game Stickman That One Level, in which Stickman keeps attempting to flee. Your stickman is in the room with the door, sticks, a platform, a golden key, and spikes. The creators of the Noob vs. Pro team's Stickman That One Level successor of logic games with Noob and Pro experiences have released it. I live from jailbreak to jailbreak! Stickman is attempting to flee once more! Stick won't be able to elude the prison! You may find all of this in the video game Stickman That One Level!

How to play 

Your objective in the straightforward logic game Stickman That One Level is to locate the key and unlock the door so that the stickman can leave the room. Spikes and other hazards like that can hurt the stickman in the room.

To complete the game's puzzles and figure out how to obtain the key and open the door without getting harmed, you will need to use your logical thinking abilities. By tapping the screen, you can move the stickman around and engage with other things in the space.


 - 100 non-unique levels

 - 100 unique ways to win

 - A stickman that rises from the dead again

 - Epic bosses vs your desire to escape from prison


 1. Don't hurry through it; the game is meant to be difficult. Take your time. Spend some time examining the space and deciding how to move forward most effectively.

 2. Try different things and see what occurs as you experiment. Occasionally, you might have to make a few mistakes before you find the answer.

 3. Keep an eye out for information many hints in the game can be used to answer the puzzles. If you can, take a careful look at everything in the space to see if you can find any hints.

 4. Utilize your surroundings: You can benefit from the sticks and the scaffold in the room. Check to see if you can use them to get to the key or get around the spikes.

 5. Never give up: Take a break and return to the game later if you get stuck. Occasionally having a break can assist you in gaining new insight.

I trust these pointers will be useful to you while playing! Have joy and good luck!


 - A / left arrow key = move left

 - D / right arrow key = move right

 - W / up arrow key / space = jump

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