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Fun and colorful Stickman wars have started. During Stickman Epic Battle, be cautious. To attack your opponents, aim and fire arrows. The distance and speed must be adjusted carefully. Keep in mind that every enemy has a unique set of abilities. Each foe has a unique arsenal. Wands, spears, and arrows. To avoid becoming a target, you must act quickly. 

How to play 

You enjoy playing stick figures and fighting games. You were intended for this game! Play the role of a brave Stickman in the arena. You must engage in combat with your foes. You must treat them with no mercy. You must eliminate every single one of them to prevail. You will encounter countless fighters, so be careful. Their powerful boss won't think twice about mutilating you!

You must time your catches, kicks, and punches in Stickman Epic Battles, a game of skill and quick thinking. You can also choose from a wide variety of weaponry. To avoid death, you must avoid enemies. This game is extremely unique due to its universe.


  - Stickman warrior gameplay

  -  Unique enemies

  -  A variety of weapons

  -  Multiple levels

  - Fun and colorful graphics


1. Take cautious aim: Carefully adjust the distance and pace to make sure your arrows are hitting your targets.

2. Move swiftly: Since enemies move swiftly, be sure to react rapidly and deflect their attacks.

3. Use various weaponry: Try out various weapons to see which one suits you best in each circumstance.

4. Keep a watch on your health: Because it matters, make sure to monitor it and gather health power-ups as needed.


 - Arrow Left to Move Left

 - Arrow Right to Move Right

 - Arrow Up to Move Forward

 - Arrow Down to Move Back

 - Spacebar to jump

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