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Hurakan City Driving HD is a realistic physics and gorgeous visuals vehicle driving simulation game where you maneuver a Lamborghini.

In the game, Hurakan City Driver HD, accelerate at full speed in a brand-new Lamborghini as you traverse a fantastic and dynamic metropolis. Take advantage of your love of speed as you engage in a variety of daring stunts and insane drifts.

Earn enough money by completing taxing missions to unlock brand-new cutting-edge automobiles. Amazing camera angles and views are waiting for you to start the race, so push the speed limits fearlessly and show everyone that you are the greatest driver ever!

How to play 

Choose the Lamborghini as your vehicle once the game has been started.

Pick a game option to play, such as time trials, missions, or free rides.

To perform stunts and drifts, as well as accelerate, stop, and steer the vehicle, use the on-screen controls.


 - The car's behavior is faithfully simulated by a realistic physics system.

 - Beautiful, dynamic cityscape with gorgeous graphics and accurate lighting effects.

 - There are numerous game options available, including time trials, missions, and free rides.

 - Drive a variety of Lamborghini vehicles that can be unlocked.

 - The capacity to engage in risky maneuvers and insane drifts to gain money and points.

Game tips

1. Utilize the accurate physics engine of the game to learn how to handle the Lamborghini.

2. Adjust your pace and trajectory using the on-screen controls to get around the city's sharp turns and tiny alleys.

3. Before trying stunts and drifts in harder missions, practice them in free-ride mode.

4. To unlock new Lamborghini models with better handling and performance, complete missions and make money.

5. Utilize the fantastic camera angles and perspectives provided by the game to better understand your environment and strategize your next move.



- Arrow Keys/WASD: Drive & Steer
- F: Boost
- G: Slow Motion
- C: Change Camera

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