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 The idle clicker game SCP LABORATORY IDLE SECRET is based on the SCP Foundation, a made-up company devoted to the confinement of anomalous things and beings. You are in charge of running a SCP facility in this game, keeping the anomalies under control while also turning a profit.

As you play, you click on different lab items to earn money that you can then use to upgrade your facilities and employ staff to help with your research. You will come across different SCP objects with special qualities and traits as you advance through the game.

You can combine different items and substances to make your own SCP objects, which is one of the facility's unique characteristics. Then, you can use these unique SCP items to earn even more money and advance in the game.

You can buy a variety of upgrades in the game to increase your laboratory's productivity and containment skills. These improvements come in the form of enhanced containment chambers, improved study tools, and improved security measures.


How to play SCP Laboratory Idle Secret

The controls for this game are really basic! To start earning money, press the red button. Your profit will increase if you invest in more sophisticated equipment and hire more qualified workers. And resources amass in order to conduct the operations of a covert laboratory and advance a compelling narrative.


 - Get money and scientific points by tapping! With each click, you earn money. Use this money to upgrade your lab and run extraterrestrial experimentation.

 - Employ staff to help you enhance your lab! You can upgrade the base after you have enough cash.

 - Simple clicker mechanics: Certain upgrades increase your passive revenue.

 - Follow the action of the story! Be ready with enough cash and science points to take part in the story's happenings.

 - You'll get a continual boost for your whole lab after finishing the event.

 Game tips 

 1. Upgrade your SCPs: As you advance through the game, you'll discover new SCPs that can increase your resource production. To get the most out of them, make sure to update them frequently.

 2. Manage your resources: Resources are necessary for advancement in SCP Laboratory Idle Secret. Make sure to prioritize upgrades that will enable you to produce more resources in the long run and manage your resources wisely.

 3. Complete tasks to earn resources, SCPs, and other bonuses. The game offers a variety of missions. Aim to finish as many tasks as you can to move through the game more quickly.

 4. New places that offer various SCPs and resources become available as you progress through the game. To improve your ability to generate resources, be sure to quickly unlock these new areas.

 5. Watch out for abnormalities: In the game, anomalies are unique occurrences that can happen at any time. They can be risky but also give rewards. Make careful watch them and determine whether the reward justifies the risk.

 6. Time skips can be used to quickly finish an upgrade or produce resources, so use them wisely. They are however limited, so use them carefully and reserve them for significant upgrades or resource production.

 These pointers will help you play SCP Laboratory Idle Secret better and move through the game more quickly. Good fortune!


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