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About: Human Vehicle

Human Vehicle is a unique arcade game where you have to collect stickmen to form a vehicle and navigate through various levels while avoiding obstacles. This game offers over 20 different vehicles, 50 levels, and 5 different environments. 

How to play 

Human Vehicle has straightforward but hard gameplay. Starting with one stickman, you can build a car by assembling more stickmen. As you move through the game's numerous levels, you must dodge hazards like spikes and saws. The goal is to complete each level while gathering as many gems as you can.

The levels get harder and the obstacles are trickier to avoid as you advance through the game. To move through the stages and dodge obstacles, you must exploit the capabilities of your vehicle.


 - Gather stickmen: The basic goal of the game is to assemble a vehicle out of as many stickmen as you can. Your vehicle gets cooler the more stickmen you collect.

 - Over 20 distinct vehicles, each with its own design and set of skills, are available in the game. By accumulating diamonds, new cars can be unlocked.

 - Five distinct environments, each with its unique set of difficulties and difficulties, are present in the game.

 - Over 50 challenging stages are included in the game, each of which has unique difficulties and obstacles that must be mastered.

 - Power-ups: You can gather power-ups to assist you get through challenges and finishing levels more quickly.


 1. To create a larger vehicle that will enable you to bypass barriers more easily, gather as many stickmen as you can.

 2. To get through the stages, make use of the capabilities of your vehicle. You should try many cars to find the one that works best for you because each one has a variety of special capabilities.

 3. To unlock new vehicles, collect diamonds. You have more possibilities to complete stages the more vehicles you have.

 4. Keep an eye out for the dangers and obstacles at each level. To avoid them, carefully consider your path.

 5. Use power-ups to your advantage to get through challenges and accomplish levels more quickly.



Using Mouse

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