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Welcome to Bad Dolls, a thrilling battle shooter game where you'll dive into a sinister world and face waves of ruthless enemies. As a player, you'll choose from a collection of malevolent dolls, each armed with unique weapons and strategies. Your mission? Defeat all challengers and rise as the ultimate champion in this adrenaline-pumping showdown!

How to play 

 - Choose Your Doll: Select your doll from a diverse range of sinister characters, each with their own strengths and abilities. Consider their playstyle, weapon preferences, and special skills to match your combat style.

 - Face Waves of Enemies: Prepare to encounter relentless waves of enemies aiming to take you down. Strategically position yourself, take cover, and unleash a barrage of firepower to eliminate your adversaries. Survive each wave to progress further into the game.

 - Vast Arsenal of Weapons: Explore an extensive selection of weapons at your disposal. From pistols and shotguns to flamethrowers and explosive devices, choose the best arsenal to suit your fighting strategy. Experiment with different combinations to find the most effective loadout.

 - Unique Game Modes:

  •  Single Mode: Test your skills in a series of challenging levels, battling against AI-controlled opponents. Conquer each level to unlock new dolls, weapons, and abilities.
  •  Endless Mode: How long can you survive? Face an endless onslaught of enemies, with each wave increasing in difficulty. Rack up the highest score and challenge your friends to beat it.
  •  2p CO-OP Mode: Team up with a friend in cooperative mode and fight side by side against waves of enemies. Coordinate your attacks, cover each other, and achieve victory together.
  •  2p VS Mode: Compete against a friend in a thrilling head-to-head battle. Show off your skills, outsmart your opponent, and claim victory in intense PvP combat.


1 Player Mode

  • Up arrow key = jump / double jump
  • Left arrow key = move left
  • Right arrow key = move right
  • Down arrow key = pick up a weapon
  • Space = shoot
  • B = switch weapon

2 Player Mode

Player 1

  • W = jump / double jump
  • A = move left
  • D = move right
  • S = pick up a weapon
  • C = shoot
  • V = switch weapon

Player 2

  • Up arrow key = jump / double jump
  • Left arrow key = move left
  • Right arrow key = move right
  • Down arrow key = pick up a weapon
  • K = shoot
  • L = switch weapon

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