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Big Tower Tiny Square is a challenging precision platformer developed by Evil Objective. You take on the role of a tiny square in the game as you attempt to rescue your beloved pineapple from a tower's summit. The challenge of the game is well-known, and overcoming the hurdles and getting to the finish line calls for perfect timing and quick reactions. Big Tower Tiny Square is an engaging video game with lively graphics, a piece of catchy music, and engaging gameplay.

How to play 

Your goal is to ascend to the tower's summit. You can find your pineapple there. You'll need to escape dangerous blades, maneuver moving platforms, bounce up walls, open doors, and evade gunshots.

The difficulty increases as you up the tower. There will be more obstacles, so you'll need to be more exact with your Tiny Square. However, the game is liberal with respawns, so you won't wander too far from where you killed.


 - A single level with several portions

 - Increasing difficulty as you go

 - Requires focus and accuracy

 - Catchy music to go with the endless, unavoidable fatalities


 1. The game involves precise timing and quick reflexes, so practice makes perfect. Spend some time honing your skills and learning the movement mechanics.

 2. Watch out for dangers: Be aware of spikes, lava pits, and other dangers that can instantly kill you.

 3. Look for hidden areas: Each level contains a number of them that can lead to further levels or characters that can be unlocked.

 4. Gather every coin: To open the door to the following level, make sure to gather every coin in each level.

 5. Observe patience: The game is difficult, and it's simple to become frustrated. Take breaks so you may return to the game later with fresh eyes.


 - Movement: Arrow Keys / AD

 - Jump: spacebarar / up arrow key / Z / W

 - Restart at last checkpoint: Y

 - Controller fully supported

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