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If you're in search of a thrilling challenge or simply want to unwind and blow off some steam, look no further than Boxel Rebound! This game is guaranteed to keep you hooked, compelling you to return for more rounds of excitement. Boxel Rebound offers addictively fun gameplay that involves guiding a ball through maze-like levels, maneuvering it skillfully with arrow keys while bouncing off little cubes, and navigating various obstacles. With the freedom to explore and no right or wrong way to play, Boxel Rebound promises endless entertainment and thrills.


The objective of Boxel Rebound is to guide your ball through maze-like levels filled with obstacles and little cubes. Players use their arrow keys to control the ball's movement, aiming to keep it bouncing and progressing through the challenges. The primary goal is to complete each level by skillfully navigating the maze and avoiding any missteps. With no fixed path to follow, players have the freedom to find their own way to success, making each playthrough a unique and engaging experience.


  1. Maze-like Levels: The game features a series of maze-like levels, each presenting unique obstacles and challenges to overcome.

  2. Arrow Key Control: Players use their arrow keys to control the ball's movement, guiding it through the levels and keeping it bouncing off little cubes.

  3. Bounce and Rebound: The ball's bouncing action is essential to progress through the levels and navigate around obstacles.

  4. Obstacles and Challenges: Each level is designed with various obstacles and hurdles, requiring players to strategize and execute precise moves.

  5. Freedom to Explore: Boxel Rebound offers an open-ended approach, allowing players to explore and find their preferred path to complete each level.

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