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Cat Mario, often referred to as Syobon Action, is a distinct platformer that draws inspiration from the well-known Mario franchise but also has twists and surprises at every turn. Get ready for a difficult and unpredictable journey as you make your way through perilous levels filled with unforeseen traps and obstacles. Cat Mario provides gamers looking for a new platforming challenge with a unique and exhilarating experience thanks to its different gameplay mechanics and unexpected components.

How to play 

Fans of traditional platformers may immediately feel at home playing Cat Mario, but be ready for surprising twists and challenges that will put your skills and endurance to the test. An explanation of how to complete this unusual platforming experience is provided below:

Control the Cat: As the main character, you must guide a cat through a variety of levels that are filled with traps, adversaries, and riddles. To travel left and right, use the directional controls. To leap over obstacles and across platforms, use the jump button.

Cat Mario is designed to defy expectations and surprise players at every turn, so beware of traps and surprises. Be wary of covert traps, dubious platforms, and unanticipated opponent tactics. Be prepared for the unexpected since even things that seem secure and familiar could be dangerous.

Use Power-ups: During the game, you could come across power-ups that offer brief advantages. These power-ups might include everything from better leaping skills to invincibility. Use them judiciously to navigate extremely difficult passages or get around certain barriers.

Be Flexible in the Face of Unpredictability: Cat Mario loves unpredictability. Each level has its own set of obstacles and surprises, therefore it's important to have quick reflexes, adaptability, and keen observation. To advance through each level, learn from your failures, be aware of potential traps, and use your imagination.


 - Twisted Level Design: The levels in the game are purposefully made to defy players' expectations and buck established platformer norms. Be ready for surprising enemy locations, unseen obstacles, and hidden traps.

 - Surprising and misleading obstacles are Cat Mario's specialty; they seem harmless at first, but turn out to be dangerous. This element of surprise keeps gamers alert and provides a new level of difficulty.

 - Unusual Power-ups: The game occasionally provides power-ups that can aid players in getting past challenging passages. To make the most of these power-ups, which can offer momentary advantages or remove particular obstacles, you must use strategy.


 1. Expect the Unexpected: Each level contains sneaky traps and unanticipated shocks. Every platform and obstruction should be approached with caution since even things that appear safe could contain hidden hazards.

 2. Observe Carefully: Before taking any action, take some time to carefully examine the surroundings. Search for hints or patterns that can help you spot traps and move through the level more skillfully.

 3. Consistency and Patience: Cat Mario is renowned for its extreme difficulties. Since trial and error will be required to advance, approach each level with patience and perseverance. Learn from your errors and modify your tactics as necessary.

 4. Think Creatively: Be willing to consider unorthodox solutions and think beyond the box. Sometimes the unconventional answer is the right one. Try out several strategies and modify your playstyle to meet the game's demands.


 AD or left and right arrows to move

 W or up arrow to jump

 F1 to reset

 O to self destruct

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