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Jet Rush - A thrilling platformer with excellent arcade-style gameplay. The game requires you to pilot a sophisticated jet plane through a number of difficult courses that are full of hazards and exhilarating bends and curves. The game's simple controls challenge your reflexes and accuracy as you fly your aircraft at fast speeds. To improve your flying experience, collect coins along the way to unlock new jet types and enhancements. 

How to play 

Playing Jet Rush is a fast-paced, entertaining game. Here is a breakdown of how to soar through the air and beat the difficult levels:

Control Your Jet: Take command of your jet and maneuver it around the many obstacles and courses. As you steer the jet across the treacherous terrain, keep it under control by using directional controls.

Avoid Obstacles: Be ready to navigate a variety of hazards, such as moving platforms, tight turns, and twists and turns. React swiftly to avoid collisions and maintain the trajectory of your aircraft. The keys to success are control and precise timing.

Gather Coins: Gather the coins strewn about the courses as you advance through the stages. These coins are the in-game money, and you can buy new aircraft models and upgrades with them to improve your performance and abilities.

A variety of new aircraft models and enhancements can be unlocked using the cash you accumulate. Try out many jets, each with a different set of qualities and skills, to determine which one best fits your playstyle. Upgrades can enhance the performance of your jet overall as well as its speed and maneuverability.


 - A frantic game of flying across cities while avoiding various platforms

 - Increasing difficulty as you cover a given distance

 - Credits that can be accumulated and used on new aircraft and accessories

 - You can view your top record.

 - Enjoy full-screen mode


Focus on Timing and Precision: It's essential to maintain accurate control of your jet. When handling tight turns and dodging obstacles, pay close attention to the timing of your actions. Aim for precise and fluid movements to reduce the danger of collisions.

Study the Courses: Before attempting to complete any of the courses, take the time to learn about each one's particular challenges. Planning your motions and acting quickly will be much easier if you are aware of the layout and can anticipate impending obstacles.

Strategic Coin Collection: While gathering coins is important, pay attention to where you put them. You must strike a balance between the requirement to operate your jet and your desire to collect coins. When attempting to gather coins that are difficult to reach, avoid taking unneeded risks that could result in crashes.

Try out different jet models to learn about their unique advantages and disadvantages by unlocking and testing them out. Try out several upgrades to see which ones best suit your playstyle and improve your performance.


 AD or left and right arrow keys: steer

 Space: to confirm the selection.

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