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Plactions - a puzzle platformer with consumable actions.. In order to get to the exit in each level, you must jump, dash, switch the direction of the lasers, reverse gravity, and teleport.

Players must use a range of consumable actions in the puzzle platformer game Plactions in order to progress through each level and find the exit. Players' ability to think creatively and solve problems will be tested by the game, which requires them to act carefully to get past challenges and accomplish goals.

How to play

Platform and puzzle games are combined in the game Plactions, which has simple graphics. To successfully complete each level's exit, your character will only be able to take a certain number of actions. Also, each action will be of a different kind, so you'll need to use them carefully. Your protagonist will be able to teleport, dash, defy gravity, and jump. The upper left corner of the screen will show the possible actions; carefully assess the levels to carry out each action at the appropriate moment and with the appropriate intent. Plactions has 25 levels of escalating complexity, and as you go, additional game mechanics will be added to make the actions more varied and challenging.


 - Consumable actions: Each action has a finite amount of uses, so be wise with them!

 - Puzzles that are difficult to solve: Each level offers a different obstacle that you must get past using your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

 - Visually distinctive: Plactions has vibrant, colorful graphics, and each stage has a different layout and theme.

 - Memorable music: The game's soundtrack enhances the overall experience and gives the gameplay a pleasing aural backdrop.

Game tips

1. Prioritize your actions by considering how they will impact your movement and how they can enable you to overcome obstacles.

2. Avoid wasting actions: Since each action has a finite number of uses, it is best to use it carefully.

3. Pay attention to your surroundings and make plans for how you will proceed in light of the fact that each level has its own characteristics and dangers.

4. It's true what they say: Don't give up if you can't finish a level on your first try; some levels may require several tries. Up until you find the exit, keep putting your plan into practice and improving it.


 - AD / left and right arrow keys = move

 - W / up arrow key / X / space = action

 - R = reset

 - Esc / B = back

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