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Prepare to enter the enchanted realm of Sandtrix, a special puzzle game that adds a novel spin to time-honored gaming elements. Blocks change into the sand in this exciting adventure, resulting in a lively and attractive environment. From left to right, you must carefully align blocks of the same hue to form horizontal lines that eliminate pixels and give you points. Sandtrix provides a variety of challenges and countless hours of puzzle-solving enjoyment with its three separate game modes.

How to play 

 1. Choose a game mode: Depending on your preferences, choose one of the three game types that are offered:

a) Classic Mode: Play in a laid-back and strategic manner. Plan your moves carefully and aim for high scores.

b) Timed Mode: Accept the exhilaration of a challenging, time-sensitive task. Clear as many pixels as you can in the allotted time as you race against the clock.

c) Zen Mode: Put oneself in a serene, contemplative environment. There are no time restrictions or other restrictions, so you can play leisurely.

 2. Understand the objective: In whatever game mode, you must align blocks of the same continuous hue from left to right in order to clear pixels. The score increases with the length of the line of complementary colors.

 3. Drag and drop blocks: You'll observe blocks dropping from the top on the game board. Drag and drop them to establish horizontal lines of complementary hues. The matching pixels will be cleared as the bricks turn into sand.

 4. Plan your moves: For students to do well, strategic thinking is essential. Think about how the pixels are arranged on the board and the colors of the upcoming blocks. For more points, try to make longer lines and combos.

 5. Use power-ups (if available): Power-ups or unique abilities could be available in certain game styles. To accelerate your progress and raise your chances of success, use them strategically.

 6. Track your progress: As you progress, pay attention to your score, the number of pixels that have been cleaned, and any bonuses or achievements you earn.


 Enter or left mouse button = Confirm / interact with in-game UI.

 P = pause

 W or Up arrow key = rotate blocks

 AD or left/right arrow key = move left/right

 S or down arrow key = drop blocks

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