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Ragdoll physics and fierce combat can be found in the thrilling stickman action game Stickman Battle Fight Warriors. Players who enjoy fast-paced action and a good challenge will enjoy this game.The game is great to play with friends because it can be played in a 2-player mode either by you or a friend. You may change the colors and skins of your stickman in the game, and there are many various weapons to select from.

How to play 


Reaching the finish line is the aim of each stage. However, it seems like there are a lot of stickmen in your way. Swords, large boxing gloves, guitars with devastating musical notes, and many other deadly weapons will be used against you. Instead of haplessly rushing for the finish line, it's great if you learn how to assault them.

How to attack

Stickman Battle Fight Warriors lacks an attack button specifically for attacks. Instead, you move your character's arms in different ways and cross your fingers that you're doing something correct. Different weapons operate more naturally than others.

Two-Player mode

With one other participant, Stickman Battle Fight Warriors can be played cooperatively. By adding a second player, you can join forces with a pal and become the perfect Duo in career mode. Additionally, you can engage in combat with one another in the two-player mode!


 - You can use a variety of weaponry to kill your stick-person adversaries.

 - Cooperate or compete against each other in two-player mode.

 - Combat stickman adversaries while avoiding dangerous traps!

 - Even the most straightforward activities are fascinating because to ragdoll physics.

 - World-wide locations for the levels, along with epic music


 1. Take advantage of the surroundings: Make use of the platforms and obstacles that are there in each level. You can get an advantage in combat by leaping over barriers and striking your adversary from a higher vantage point.

 2. Use a variety of weapons: Because each weapon has a different set of attributes, it's necessary to experiment with a variety of weapons to determine which one is ideal for you.

 3. Timing is key in Stickman Battle Fight Warriors, so practice it. To avoid being hit by your opponent, perfect your timing when jumping and launching an attack.

 4. Play with a friend: Playing in two-player mode with a friend is a terrific way to sharpen your abilities and have a good time.


 5. Be persistent: Stickman Battle Fight Warriors might be difficult, therefore persistence is key and you shouldn't give up. You'll soon become a skilled stickman warrior if you keep practicing.


 - Player 1 use WASD

 - Player 2 use arrow keys

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