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Welcome to the thrilling world of Stickman Challenge an addictive physics-based game that will test your precision and strategic thinking. In this exciting adventure, your mission is to strategically place trampolines to guide stickmen through 15 levels filled with obstacles, traps, and valuable stars. With upgrades to unlock, intricate puzzle-solving, and a touch of stickman humor, "Stickman Challenge" promises hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Get ready to embark on a journey of physics-based fun as you navigate stickmen through daring jumps and conquer each level.

How to play 

Recognize the goal: Every level offers a different puzzle. With careful placement of trampolines, you may direct stickmen to collect all of the stars while avoiding hazards and traps.

Setting up the trampolines: By touching or clicking on the screen, you can study the level layout and place the trampolines in the best possible locations. To accomplish precise jumps, experiment with different angles and positions.

Once the trampolines are in position, you can tap or click on a stickman to launch it. In accordance with the rules of physics, the stickman will rebound off the trampolines. Watch their path and change the location of your trampolines as necessary.

Guide the stickmen toward gathering all of the stars strewn throughout the level while avoiding traps. Be wary of hazards and traps that could prevent them from succeeding or delay their progress.

Purchase upgrades: As you advance, earn in-game money to purchase upgrades that boost the stickmen's skills, increase trampoline effectiveness, or give you more resources to go through obstacles.

Analyze each level's layout, take note of where the traps are placed, and plan your strategy accordingly to overcome difficulties. To overcome obstacles and successfully complete the level, accuracy and time are crucial.


 - Physics-based gameplay

 - Level variety: With 15 challenging levels,

 - Upgrade system

 - Intuitive controls


Using Mouse

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