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Stickman vs. Villager: Save the Girl is a gripping game set in a cube world. Get ready for an amazing journey. Play the brave hero Stickman as you set out on a risky adventure to free a girl taken hostage by a villainous villager. To establish yourself as the real hero of this captivating story, you must explore many locales, travel through portals to other planets, and overcome obstacles.

How to play 

In Stickman vs Villager: Save the Girl, you'll navigate through various levels and confront obstacles as you strive to rescue the girl. Here's an overview of the gameplay:

  • Rescue the Girl: Your main goal is to free the girl from the nasty villager's grasp. To get to her, complete levels, work riddles, and defeat opponents.
  • Explore Diverse Locations: The game has a fascinating cube world with a variety of interesting places to visit. Each region has its own special difficulties and buried treasures, from dangerous mountains to enigmatic woodlands.
  • Explore portals that take you to different realms within the cube universe by traversing them. Discover seven fascinating worlds, each with its unique challenges and riddles to solve.
  • Overcome Trials & Challenges: On your adventure, you'll come across a variety of trials and challenges that are meant to put your abilities to the test. Jump over gaps, avoid traps, work puzzles out, and fight off opponents in exhilarating combat.
  • Upgrade and Unlock Skills: To improve Stickman's skills and open new ones, gather coins and power-ups. In order to defeat the villagers' minions, increase your strength, agility, and battle skill.
  • Face the Evil Villager: Engage in an epic fight with the game's last boss, the evil villager. Use your improved skills and tactical acumen to overcome him and save the girl.


 - Immerse yourself in a fascinating cube universe with a variety of settings and breathtaking images.

 - Explore a number of difficult levels that each have a different set of puzzles, platforming parts, and creature confrontations.

 - For Stickman's powers to be improved, collect coins and power-ups.

 - Battle the evil villager in epic boss encounters that are both intense and strategic.

 - Find collectibles and hidden treasures buried throughout the game.


 W / Space = jump

 A = move to the left

 D = move to the right

 S = complete the level (while standing near the flag)

 E / left-click = attack

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