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Super Stickman Duelist is a 2D stickman dueling arcade game that will test your skills with rotating cold weapons Players must assault and destroy their adversaries by rotating their character and weapon at each stage in the game's furious combat. As they go, players can obtain more potent weaponry or swap weapons from platforms or opponent bodies. Super Stickman Duelist is a game that will keep players entertained for a long time due to its hard levels and fascinating gameplay.

How to play 

Super Stickman Duelist's goal is to kill your opponent by attacking them with your revolving weapon. To dodge an opposing attack and locate an opening to strike, players must carefully spin their character and weapon.

There are many stages in the game, and each one has special obstacles and adversaries. As they go, players can obtain stronger weaponry or swap weapons from platforms or opponent bodies. Additionally, players can modify their weapons to boost damage output and simplify combat.

Both single-player and two-player modes of the game are available. To advance in the game's single-player mode, players must fight more difficult foes. Friends can compete in two-player mode to determine which of them is the best Super Stickman Duelist.


 - A number of features are available in Super Stickman Duelist to improve the play experience. Numerous weapons with various designs and strengths are available in the game. Players can choose from a number of skins to construct their ideal dueling warrior by customizing their stickman character.

 - To assist novice players in learning the controls and game principles, the game also features an instructional mode. Players can also compete against one another to determine who is the best Super Stickman Duelist in the world by viewing the worldwide leaderboard.


 1. In order to succeed in Super Stickman Duelist, players must refine their timing and rotational abilities. Players can prevent taking damage by rotating their character and weapon in accordance with the motions and assaults of their adversary.

 2. A player's edge in battle can also be increased by upgrading their weapons and unlocking new ones. Players should experiment with various weapons to see which ones suit their playstyle the best.

 3. Communication is essential in the two-player mode. In order to strategize and win the war, players need to cooperate. Last but not least, practice makes perfect. To become the best Super Stickman Duelist, players should take the time to grasp the game's fundamentals and the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon.



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