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Get ready to have an epic time with "The Epic Party"! This multiplayer arcade game allows up to four players to join forces and compete against each other in a series of exciting challenges. Gather your friends, put your skills to the test, and strive to become the ultimate winner! Additionally, don't miss out on the thrilling 2-player experience in "12 MiniBattles." Get ready for hours of non-stop fun and friendly competition!

How to play 

"The Epic Party" offers a multiplayer arcade experience that brings friends together in a series of thrilling challenges. Here's an overview of the gameplay:

  1. Up to 4 Players: Gather your friends and dive into the action together. "The Epic Party" supports up to four players simultaneously, creating a lively and competitive gaming environment.

  2. Exciting Challenges: Engage in a variety of challenges designed to test your skills and provide endless entertainment. From mini-games to team-based activities, each challenge offers a unique gameplay experience that will keep you engaged and entertained.

  3. Friendly Competition: Compete against your friends to see who will emerge as the ultimate winner. Face off in intense battles, demonstrate your dexterity in fast-paced challenges, and showcase your strategic thinking to claim victory.

  4. 12 MiniBattles: Don't forget to check out the 2-player game, "12 MiniBattles." Engage in a collection of twelve different mini-games, ranging from sports challenges to quick reflex-based competitions. Challenge a friend and see who comes out on top in these bite-sized battles.


 P1 - WADS

 P2 - Left, up, and right arrows

 P3 - IJL

 P4 - TFH

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